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Laax, Winter 2009, The Rocks

Self-Contained Ski Resort Designed for Sustainability

In addition to a really cool name, Reto Gurtner had a vision. Not one of those mushroom induced visions as much as a plan...

Dos Casas Hotel Mixes Modern Design With Colonial Heritage

A contemporary aesthetic can be found in the most unexpected places. The colonial town of San Miguel de Allende, containing an architectural landscape ranging from...

Zoku Amsterdam Disrupts Hotel Industry

Zoku Amsterdam with the help of Dutch architecture firm, concrete want to flip the script and redefine the hotel industry. Zoku (Japanese for family or...

Origami Architecture at a Luxembourg Beach House

“If you can’t bring the people to the beach, bring the beach to the people.” – Unknown That pretty much sums it up for most...

Medieval-Modern Design Under the Tuscan Sun

Let’s play a game of ‘Real Life or Movie Plot’. High-powered executive leaves NCY for a vacation in Italy, falls in love with Tuscany, finds...

Contemporary Hotel With Moroccan Flavor

I don’t think anyone really considers Marrakech a hotbed of modern design. But modern architecture and interior design knows no borders and can pop up...

Get Off the Grid in a Tiny House

For such a small house, there’s a lot to like. The tiny house movement is not new. We’ve seen lots of great examples of people...

Sir Savigny Opens in Berlin

Sir Savigny loves compliments and has a love of design and an eye for detail. Only, Sir Savigny is a hotel, not a person....

Generator Hostels are Redefining Budget Travel with Design

Get ready to travel in style at bargain rates. Say the word ‘hostel’ and it immediately evokes images of rickety bunk beds, funky smelling hippies,...

Catch a Breaking Blue Wave in Barcelona

The Spanish Riviera is not known for its surfing but if you’re surfing for design, you can definitely catch a wave… and a cocktail. Nestled...

Fuijya Inn – Yamagata, Japan

In 1991, Jeanie Fuji, the American wife of Fuji Atushi, assumed the role as okami (female innkeeper) of the Fujiya Inn in Yamagata, Japan....

Palazzina Grazzi on the Grand Canal

For his first hotel designed in Italy, French designer, Philippe Starck, scored the Palazzina Grassi. The newest hotel in the heart of Venice, Italy...

Michelberger Hotel set to Open in Berlin

Hotel veterans might say newcomer Tom Michelberger is playing at being a hotelier which would be fine by him as “play” is a central...

SEVVA – Hong Kong

SEVVA (pronounced savor) is the newest "it" spot in downtown Hong Kong. Hong Kong style icon and SEVVA creator, Bonnie Gokson enlisted the aid of...

Jumbo Hostel-Sweden

There are many unique hotel concepts around the world. From the one room mobile Hotel Everland that is transported to different rooftops around Europe...

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