Monday, September 20, 2021
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Kyiv Modernist Apartment Renovation by Sergey Makhno

When people mention Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine, modern design is rarely the first thing that comes to mind. However, Ukrainian design firm,...

Masquespacio Brings the Back Alleys of Tokyo to Spain

Very few things in life have the power to transport us to a different time and place like the aroma and flavor of food....

The Celestial Experience of Meteor Cinema

Everyone has made a wish on a falling star at some point in their life or, at least, thrilled at catching sight of the...

Skybox Project – Thinking Inside the Box

Nothing adds a little pressure like performing for your peers. Even the most experienced singer might be nervous performing for other singers or a...

Zn House or Zinc House for the Science Geeks

It seems like the early 1900s Canadian neighborhoods in Montréal and Toronto are becoming hotbeds for modern design renovations. We’ve been featuring a lot...

GOURNOD Residence-Composing a New Story

Sometimes homeowners fall in love with a neighborhood and settle for the best house they can find. Other times, they find the perfect house...

Gourmet Boutique Strikes a Balance Between Rustic Retro and Urban Modernity

In addition to interesting architecture, there’s two important things you’ll find in Montréal: poutine and maple syrup. Hopefully not together. I’ve always wanted to visit...

Lévesque Project – Designer Creates Her Own Dream Home

It’s always interesting when a designer becomes their own client. Can they edit themselves or do they go nuts? I’ve been in a few...

1905 Beaches Home Gets a Light-Filled Sustainable Renovation

When we think of housing developers, usually tract-homes, planned communities, and big apartment buildings come to mind. But a Toronto-based developer is taking a...

Bookshelf House is a Bibliophile’s Dream Home

Bookshelves aren’t just for books in the Bookshelf House. When Italian architect, Andrea Mosca was hired to transform a dark, run-down three-story house outside of...

Modern Loft Apartment Renovation in Surry Hills

Find an old factory warehouse and create the perfect modern loft apartment, live the dream. Sounds easy, but most of the time, locating an available...

N Apartment-Designing From the Core

Between older concrete structures crumbling in the harsh salt air to the newer luxury high-rise apartments rising up, the area between Tel Aviv’s southern...

Designing for Team Spirit at Ubisoft Quebec’s Workspace

Ubisoft’s Quebec division has grown over the last 11 years from multiple small production teams to over 400 video game creators, programmers, and designers....

Award-Winning Offices for Award-Winning Company wants to win awards. There’s no other explanation. They’ve been awarded the Best Places to Work by the Los Angeles Business Journal for seven...

Ile Blanche-Light and Modernity Reign

île des Sœurs in Montréal, is no stranger to modern design. Originally used as a farm by nuns for 250-years, this small island in the...

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