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Chicago . . . and all that jazz

The Windy City. Wrigleyville. Chi-Town. Second City. Whatever the surname, it's Chicago and it is at the forefront of modern architecture, with its sleek...

URBN Hotels Shanghai – Shanghai, China

From its roots as the "Whore of the Orient" when the British took over after the Opium Wars to the left wing headquarters of...

Sunsets at The Clarendon

A rooftop lounge is not a new concept, just new to Phoenix. In the Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego, Altitude Sky Bar overlooks Petco...

Escape to New York

New York City has long been a standard in weekend getaways: see a Broadway show, take in the exhilarating nightlife, fund a small shopping...

Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

Once the capital of several former empires and now one of the largest cities in Europe, Istanbul is currently undergoing a renaissance; a transformation...

Los Angeles: More than a Scene

Los Angeles, above all things, is a place to see and be seen. Socialites, celebrities and ingénues all dash from one hot spot to...

Rediscovering Dublin

Ireland's capital city builds up to further embrace a global economy and global opportunities. The historical significance of Ireland's capital city spans centuries of commerce...

Toronto: Where Old Meets New

America's neighbors to the north know a thing or two about trekking forward into 21st century territory. Canada's largest metropolis and capital city, Toronto,...

Destination: Downtown Denver

Mention Denver and visions of the Rocky Mountains, snowbunnies and the Broncos come to mind. Those whom have never been to the Mile High...

Hotel Marqués de Riscal – El Ciego, Spain

World-renowned architect Frank Gehry unveiled his latest creation, the new Marqués de Riscal "City of Wine," winery, hotel and spa in El Ciego, Spain...

The Library – Koh Samui, Thailand

Blazoned on the website of The Library on Koh Samui Island just south of Thailand's mainland is the phrase, "shifting ordinary functional ideas to...

What Happens in Vegas?

There is still no place like Las Vegas. From spectacular shows - think The Beatles Love - to transplanted attitude - think Dick's Last Resort...

Hotel Josef – Prague, Czech Republic

The 109-bedroom Hotel Josef designed by Prague-born architect, Eva Jiricna, has been holistically designed from the outside in to respond to its sophisticated, urban...

Copenhagen: The Great Danes

The Danish pride themselves on art, architecture and design, with architects such as Jørn Utzon, Arne Jacobsen, and Henning Larsen counting among the elite....

Hotel Puerta America – Madrid, Spain

In one of the biggest design undertakings of its kind, the Hoteles Silken Group launched the Hotel Puerta America in late 2006. The Spanish-based...

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