Blazoned on the website of The Library on Koh Samui Island just south of Thailand’s mainland is the phrase, “shifting ordinary functional ideas to discover the art of design.” The Library, designed as a retreat from the daily rat race, blends the clean lines and sharp colors of modern design with minimalist Asian appeal. An added bonus for finding tranquility during your stay, the sanctuary resort gently butts up against the tropical utopian shoreline of the Chaweng Beach in Gulf of Thailand.

The Library is comprised of a series of breezeways and flexible wall panels allowing the fresh sea air to purify visitors’ physical and mental well-being even while indoors. The hotel also garnered its simple moniker from its visual claim to fame, The LiB, a stark library and technology room made up of a series of white interior and exterior 90-degree angles. The Library offer a harmonious fusion of high design meets temple of the mind.