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Aloft is arising

Things in Tempe are looking up. aloft, the first Tempe hotel in nearly ten years, will open February 5, 2009, nearly seven weeks ahead of...

Room Mate Grace – New York

Grace: Creative, multicultural, charismatic... So their web site states. But they left out unique, cool and hip. A good idea, as in today's marketing world,...

San Francisco: A World Of Experience

San Francisco is one of those cities that is whatever visitors want it to be. Once referred to as the Paris of the West,...

Nu Hotel in Brooklyn Reflects the Art and Style of the Neighborhood

The Nu Hotel is the new destination for travelers in Brooklyn. While Brooklyn neighborhoods like Williamsburg and Park Slope get a lot of attention, there...

Vancouver Dreams Green

Modern Vancouver is more than part of the eco-revolution; it may be the hub of an existing eco-evolution. It's no wonder locals have affectionately...

Travel Earth Friendly, Travel Green!

Everybody is going green these days; the tourism industry is no exception. With all the eco-travel focus on popular green destinations, how one travels...

Melbourne: Australia’s Second City

Thanks to a history of progressive planning, a thriving arts scene and a modern building boom, Sydney's little sister is on the rise to...

Expanding Culture Through Design

In the search for the next hotbed of modern architecture, few would think of Minneapolis. The rest would be missing out. Minneapolis' architecture can be,...

Paris: A Skyline’s Ascension

A capital city is often defined by a solitary architectural icon that seems to offer the quintessence of a nation and its culture. Brazen,...

Hotel on Rivington

The Lower East Side, one of the oldest areas of Manhattan, has roots firmly planted in this traditionally immigrant, working-class neighborhood full of tenements...

Hotel Unique – São Paulo, Brazil

The main financial hub in the country, São Paulo is also Brazil's most cosmopolitan city, with top-rate nightlife, restaurants and impressive cultural and arts...

Hotel Screen Kyoto – Kyoto, Japan

Year after year Kyoto continues to maintain its status as one of Japan's most beautiful cities and a highly sought-after travel spot. The city...

Jerónimas 8 – Lisbon, Portugal

While the Portuguese are generally cosmopolitan world travelers, the capital of Lisbon is not the global city one might expect. Lisbon is still affected...

Lux 11 – Berlin, Germany

Berlin is no stranger to good press. As one of Europe's older yet newer cities, its construction boom has received much attention in the...

Hotel Omm – Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona set the standard throughout the world in the 1990s for urban planning and regeneration in preparation for the 1992 Olympic Games. The poster...

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