Monday, September 20, 2021



Revisiting the Peterson Automotive Museum Redesign

I used to live in LA, right on Fairfax below Wilshire, easy walking distance to museum row on Miracle Mile. I would walk by...

Ultra-Modern Farmhouse by Norm Architects

It doesn’t look like a typical farmhouse. But, it’s on a farm… and it’s a house, so… It might be too grandiose to say that...

Mont-Blanc Base Camp – A Harmonious Study in Contrasts

Mont-Blanc Base Camp makes me wonder if something can be so inspiring it becomes a distraction. Before you even enter the building, the surrounding snow-capped...

Modern Alpine Farmhouse Renovation

Sculptor and furniture maker Othmar Prenner restored a two-bedroom 14th-century farmhouse located in Vinschgau on Italy’s northern border in the Tyrolean Alps. “I love this...

Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam Gets a New Entrance

Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum has a new entrance on Museumplein, following in the steps of its neighboring Rijksmuseum and Stedelijk Museum. For the new...

Public Pool Gets a Modern Makeover With Translucent Concrete

The public swimming pool “Obermaintherme” in the Bavarian city of Bad Staffelstein is Bavaria’s hottest and strongest saltwater emerging from over 5000-foot deep drilled...

La Belle Electrique Venue for Amplified and Electronic Music Performance

It’s no secret the French love their discothèques, DJ culture, and electronic music. So, It’s not surprising that one of the first concert halls...

Sustainable Farming Practices Leads To Sustainable Architecture

Eat well, do good. That’s the motto of Snuck Farms in Utah and they back it up with their sustainable practices and community-oriented programs. The...

The Float House, By Any Other Name…

Architects name their projects in many different ways from the location or client to some sort of defining characteristic. Based on its characteristics, this ultra-modern...

Wood Defines the La Casa Duplex Renovation in Montreal

Wood floors are fairly standard in modern renovations. Wood ceilings, not so much. When MXMA Architecture & Design was called upon to design a renovation...

From Dutch Farmhouse to Contemporary Home and Studio

There’s no standard playbook for renovating an old farmhouse. Thank God. Sometimes a farmhouse can be completely torn down and rebuilt again and sometimes the...

Distinctly Modern Farmhouse in Hemmingford, Quebec

At kontaktmag, we definitely love the architecture and interior design of modern renovated farmhouses. We feature one every Friday. These renovations take on varying...

Green Places Community Clubhouse

I don’t know what kind of clubs you’ve been in, but I’ve never had a clubhouse this cool. Of course, this is a different kind...

Casa Extremadura

As trendy as ‘going off the grid’ is these days, sometimes it’s just a fact of life. When a Spanish brother and sister who are...

Blending Public and Private Living in Colonia Roma Norte

Just west of the heart of Mexico City, the Colonia Roma Norte is emerging as one of the coolest districts in the massive city....

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