Friday, December 8, 2023
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OK. So I think I've missed three Fridays in a row for this letter. I have a really good excuse, though. You see I...

LFTP: Radical Innovation

What is the importance of design in a down economy?  This will serve as an introduction in a series because the terms and definitions are...

Dean Sobel on Clyfford Still

This past Tuesday, the Contemporary Forum and Bentley Galleries brought in Clyfford Still Museum Director Dean Sobel to the monthly Tuesday Night Lecture at...

LFTP: A look ahead.

March madness is upon us. No, college basketball fans, I'm not talking about the March Madness. I'm talking about the time of the year...

LFTP – What is Urban?

Living in the land of beige and urban sprawl, Phoenicians have a sometimes curious way of defining urban. I have occasionally heard people refer...

LFTP: What the hell is going on with kontaktmag?

"So, what's going on with kontaktmag?" This is a question I have been asked often lately. It's my own fault. I like to surprise people....

CNN’s Spirit of Architecture

CNN recently aired a three part series with host Becky Anderson featuring interviews with prominent architects. Part 1 Interview with author of The Architecture of Happiness,...

Chanel Mobile Art

After we did our story on the Chanel Mobile Art Pavilion in the August/September 08 issue, I was convinced I had to go see...

kontaktmag 3.0

What is kontaktmag 3.0? That is the question we have been thinking about for the past few months. The 3.0 is simple. This is the...

Don’t Go Green

Forget about global warming, deforestation, the energy crisis and overflowing landfills. They are out of your control. Ignore the polarizing green politics. Ignore the...

Environmental Stock: Buy, Sell, Trade Pollution

The concept is simple. Pollute too much and pay more. Pollute less and sell what remains of the allotment. The concept of carbon credits has revolutionized...

Watch Your Step

Bigger is usually better. Big pools, a big house and big cars are usually considered measures of success. All three, however, add up to something...

Bringing Green to the Mainstream

Long thought of as an alternative lifestyle, a fad among the eccentric or just expensive; recent technology advances and smart building techniques have made...

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