What is the importance of design in a down economy? 

This will serve as an introduction in a series because the terms and definitions are so broad, there is no chance it can be covered in one post. I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance and relevance of design in a down economy. There are so many types of design that it must be broken down to answer the question.

For example, if you specifically refer to the design of high-rise condos in Miami, Las Vegas, Phoenix or San Diego, I would say there is absolutely no relevance right now. Nothing new is going to be built for a while.

But, as we dig deeper into the real meaning a purpose of design, I’m starting to think that design has even more relevance and is dramatically more important in down times.

Good design can make things more efficient, whether it is in the use of space, energy or cost. These are things we should be thinking about a lot these days.

I just saw an article on Inhabitat about a competition for the hospitality industry called Radical Innovation in Hospitality. What a great term. There should be a call out to the entire design community for radical innovation. Radical innovation can save our economy and help us abate the climate crisis. Radical innovation can improve the quality of our lives while maintaining the quality of our environment.

As I stated, this is an introduction to the question I will be exploring for a while. I welcome any feedback or ideas involving the relevance of design in a down economy as they will help me form future posts on this subject.

Take care,

Don Crossland