Rock, paper, scissors just got a lot more complicated.

Completely eliminating the need for wood pulp, this stone paper does not swell when wet, is photodegradeable and uses much less water to produce.

In fact, for every ton of stone paper instead of traditional paper produced, 16,000 gallons of waste water flow is averted, 167 pounds of solid and 42 pounds water waste is not created, 236 pounds of atmospheric emissions are eliminated and 36,000 BTUs of energy is saved.

In addition to stone paper, which can be fashioned into anything that traditional paper can, there are other options when it comes to paper-like material. 

PET non-woven is made from recycled plastic bottles and is a popular option for reusable shopping bags. It’s a highly versatile, completely recyclable material that has all the benefits of normal plastic, including color options and trim, mixed with a bit of eco-friendliness.

PET Non-woven with OPP Lamination has all the benefits of the PET Non-woven plus a wipeable surface in glossy or matte finishes. It’s known for its durability, superior moisture-barrier properties and extended usable life.

Companies such as Design Packaging also offer soy-based paints and dyes as a pollutant-free alternative with all the shine of regular color.