Monday, July 26, 2021
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Home Theater Design: Planning and Decorating Media-Savvy Interiors

Home Theater Design is much more than just a How-To book. It is a comprehensive guide to planning all types of entertainment areas in the...

Urban Landscape Architecture

The importance of urban landscape architecture has been steadily increasing in the past decade as cities are revitalizing their urban cores. The need for...

Ultimate Lighting Design

Ultimate Lighting Design is the latest collaboration between award-winning architectural lighting designer, Herve Descottes, founder of New York design firm L'Observatoire, and other world-renowned architects,...

Architectural Lighting Design: 2nd Edition

When it comes to lighting a room, who knew there were so many factors to take into consideration? Space dimensions, spatial form, occupants' ages,...

Complete Lighting Design

If your room - or maybe your entire house - is in dire need of some decorating attention, Complete Lighting Design may be the solution. Often,...

Designing Design

Kenya Hara is serious about white. Serious enough to dedicate an entire chapter to white, considering it more of a design concept than a color...

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