Lazy Bones is the latest in a long series of design collaborations that continues to enrich SLIDE’s collection, this time with an original, essential design chair.

Lazy Bones is built from polyethylene with the rotational mould system, making it a light, easy-to-handle product that is perfect for furnishing and simple positioning both in and outdoors: just the thing for a truly authentic SLIDE atmosphere. Lazy Bones is also available as a lacquered version that well adapts to living environments, granting them a decisively 1970s style feature.

Lazy Bones is eclectic English architect Barnaby Gunning’s contribution to SLIDE, launched at the 2009 Fiera del Mobile.

  • The Lazy Bones Stool has been designed by English architect Barnaby Gunning for SLIDE Designs.

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  • Comfortable stool, with a linear design footrest, useful for events and fairs. Edited by “Slide Design”.