May 7-9 BKLYN Designs will be celebrating their 8th annual design show. The show is presented by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce to promote industrial and interior designers with an emphasis on green manufacturing, sustainability and local production. Carl Hum, President of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, pointed out that the show is a testament to Brooklyn’s rich history of design and its impressive potential. All of the exhibitors are from Brooklyn and had their work specially selected by a jury and as a result we can expect a well organized and special selection of Brooklyn’s best and brightest.

In addition to the 30+ exhibitors, students from Pratt Institute will also have some of their top graduate and undergraduate work on display. As a sponsor of BKLYN Design, Pratt Institute has been a cornerstone of industrial design in Brooklyn.

Last year BKLYN Designs displayed an incredible amount of talent and diversity within design; several different styles were on display for attendees to enjoy, from steampunk to chic minimalism. There were exciting chairs, lounges, cabinets, tables, modular pieces, wall coverings, material uses and found materials incorporated into new designs. All of which are carefully selected for their material quality, colors and textures. An important aspect of the show is the comfort level that the designers have with each other, and their openness to attendees.  Have a question?  Just ask!  Some of the designers are BKLYN Designs veterans but there were also some fresh new faces, we’ll see some new faces this year too.

St. Ann’s Warehouse is located in DUMBO, Brooklyn, with plenty of room to move from one exhibitor to the next. All too often design shows are too crowded and there’s always something someone else saw that you missed, that isn’t the case here. Designers have been given ample room to display their work, which may be a single piece (in the case of students) or an entire vignette (tables, chairs, side tables, table top accessories – all to embellish the designers thought process and vocabulary).

BKLYN Designs continues to grow in its success and excitement, there is no better place for a design enthusiast to be this weekend than in DUMBO with Brooklyn’s most exciting designers.  kontaktmag will be covering the show so be sure to check back for a full review of BKLYN Designs.

The show will be held May 7 – 9, 2010, at St. Ann’s Warehouse, 38 Water Street in DUMBO, Brooklyn.  Directions, contact information and a list of the exhibitors can be found on their website:

Here is a gallery of some of the furniture on display at BKLYN Designs: