It’s a shelf that doubles as a practical joke.

Imagine walking down a hallway and looking at your phone while answering a text message. Just around a turn, and, out of the corner of your eye, there’s a shelf coming away from the wall. You jump back in surprise, thinking it’s going to fall on you. After a quick glance to make sure no one heard you make that high-pitched sound, a closer look at this whimsical shelf reveals it to be quite upright.


Made by Swedish design studio Addi, Billy’s Brother bookcase is a lopsided ode to IKEA’s Billy Bookshelf. Described as “a hybrid between a traditional shelf and a sculpture,” he also likens it to the turmoil in his life during the development of the shelf where he was torn in different directions but still making something great come out of it.

In addition to the twisting away from the wall illusion, the shelves give the impression that the books will slide off, but, thanks to design innovation, the books are held better than most ordinary bookcases.

Add in the lime green lacquered bookcase with white shelves and it’s a must have for anyone who doesn’t take their books too seriously.