Random 2

Neuland’s Random shelving was a 2005 Elle Decoration Design Award winner. It features shelves of varying heights, attached via concealed slots in the back of the unit. Create your own sculpture with the colors and objets d’art that you place within. Whether yellow or green is your current theme you can tailor the feel to suit your pleasure. We LOVE the Random shelves when placed side by side to create a whole wall of sculptural shelving. A complementary backdrop for classic and minimal modern spaces alike.



Poliform Shazam Wall System

Shazam! Solid in both color and construction, the wall system with structure in wenge from Poliform is an ideal choice for larger rooms. Wenge offers more than just good looks, in its native Africa it is believed to have magical powers.



Moroso Pause

Pause, from Moroso and designed by Aziz Sariyer, is complexity at its simplest. A one-piece structure made of anodized honeycomb aluminum sandwich panels, Pause is characterized by essential lines and a recurring geometric shape. The bookshelf can act as a space divider or as a multi-purpose container.



Shelflife 1

Shelflife shelving unit with removable chair and side table features a striking angular appearance that belies practical functionality. The shelves prevent books from toppling, while chair and table provide convenient place to browse your collection. Available in white, eggshell blue and slate gray.



Vitra Self

Self, by Vitra and designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, is a modular shelved display cabinet which invites its user to interact with it. Its horizontal shelves and vertical dividing walls come in a variety of sizes and colors and can easily be built in flexible configurations without tools. Self can be closed, open or accessed from both sides and can function as a bookshelf, display cabinet or room divider.

The Cubitec shelving system has everything you’d want in a modular storage design: stability, strength, versatility and value. Made of hollow injection-molded polypropylene, a corrugated core allows the shelving components to be superbly strong and lightweight. The Cubitec shelves are equally at home in playful or sophisticated environments and include a clear option for subdued retail or gallery display.