Cruise & Atlas
Design and function come together in Giugiaro Design’s Cruise & Atlas Workstation. The computer table and office chair are designed for those looking for an ergonomically friendly and stylish workspace. The chair and table height can be easily adjusted, and the workstation’s sleek look makes it a must-have for anyone worried about comfort and practicality at the office.



FlexBox, Modulares Stauraum-System
Have storage issues? Designer Stefan Brodbeck has the solution. The FlexBox, Modulares Stauraum-System shelving and storage concept uses two sizes of boxes, which interlock without the need for tools and can be taken apart using a coin. The boxes can be used in a multitude of ways, from moving containers to drawers to shelves, and the modern design gives a ho-hum room a little extra pop.



One piece of furniture serving several needs – that’s the idea behind Smool designstudio’s Round20 accessories concept. The compact piece provides places to put coat hangers, wardrobe hooks, brochure holders, and partition walls. The black fiberboard the accessories are made of gives the piece a uniform, modern look.



Silver Lounge
With Hadi Teherani’s Silver Lounge seating furniture, waiting has never been so stylish and comfortable. The sleek, black chairs with silver seat shells were specifically designed to spice up the average waiting room. The matching tables come in two sizes and provide several contemporary, elegant tabletop design options.



Bright, modern and elegant, Aksu/Suardi’s U TOO office furniture system transforms any office into a highly functional place to work. The system, consisting of movable cabinet, wall, and table elements, can be arranged to fit the individual needs of the user. Conference rooms, eating spaces, and individual offices turn into stylish, easy-to-use areas.