When we featured a duplex renovation in Montréal a couple of weeks ago, we got several inquiries as to the dining table and chairs feature in the interior design. Fortunately, the furniture maker has a strong relationship with local interior designers and architects and it was easy to find out where this beautifully designed and crafted furniture came from.


Kastella was founded by Jason Burhop, a man with a passion for excellent design and craftsmanship. He was strongly influenced by his father, whose European roots sparked Jason’s interest in refined furniture and helped him develop an affinity for well-designed objects. In 1999, Burhop took over a friend’s workshop, where he spent long hours honing his skills and creating his first collection. In 2001, as a self-taught furniture maker, Burhop seized an opportunity: not to produce his goods elsewhere, but to make his creations in Montreal. Two years later, Burhop opened a retail space with his first collection of solid-wood contemporary furniture.


Kastella has long been recognized for the design and production of solid wood, contemporary tables. The T110 dining table distinguishes itself from the company’s heritage, as it incorporates a Fenix NTM solid surface top option. Fenix is a next generation acrylic resin, hardened and fixed with a surface curing process. It’s maintenance-free, highly resistant and is exceptionally soft to the touch. The functionality of the Fenix surface combined with the warmth of solid wood allows for seamless integration in a number of decors.


Like all of the pieces in the Kastella line, the C205 dining chair has adopted a formal simplicity that brings out the natural beauty of the wood. The style of this collection is inspired by Scandinavian minimalism, while borrowing from Japanese design, the desire for harmony between the beauty and functionality of objects. The C205 is balanced to match perfectly with the T110 dining table and is available in complimentary


The concept underlying the C401 is the product of ten years of research and development. The result is a highly elegant stool that seems to be made of a single piece of wood. The nearly semi-spherical shape of the seat and the seamless transition with the legs assure an even weight distribution and solid construction. The machined brass footrest guarantees the comfort and balance essential to a bar stool. The C401 emphasizes the unique character of solid wood. Every detail has been carefully thought out by the designers to blend form and function, but, most of all, to please the user.


Kastella’s philosophy is grounded in sustainable development principles. High-quality manufacturing and a timeless, minimalist style ensure that the firm’s collections boast exceptional physical and aesthetic durability. Rejecting the logic of consumerism, Kastella’s products are truly built to last.

In order to minimize the environmental impact of wood harvest and transportation, the company sources its raw materials from FSC forests in nearby regions, specifically the American Northeast and Midwest as well as Canada. Consistent with that approach, all items are manufactured in Montreal. The company’s various suppliers (hardware, upholstery, finishing, etc.) are also local.

[photos courtesy of Kastella via v2com]