September 6, 2008 through February 1, 2009

From workman’s gear to haute couture, the jumpsuit was often cited as the ideal garment for the future asus driver. The one-piece jumpsuit originated as the quintessential work and flight uniform for the industrial age. It was the popularity of the astronauts in their jump suits during the space race that ushered in the golden era of the jumpsuit: the 1970s download esim profile vodafone. Performers such as Elvis Presley and David Bowie inspired a variety of fashion interpretations.

This exhibition surveys the history of the jumpsuit and its broad range of uses and interpretations herunterladen. Examples include Charles Lindbergh’s original flight suit, an authentic NASA space suit and a myriad of high fashion variations by designers such as Rudi Gernreich, Yves Saint Laurent, Norma Kamali and Kansai Yamamoto, as well as haute couture designs worn by New York socialite Nan Kempner gvmp herunterladen.

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