The television is a staple in most American homes; many homes feature TVs in multiple locations placetel. Unfortunately, a large, black rectangle taking up an entire wall of the room doesn’t fit in with many décor. Until recently, the only option was to invest in a massive entertainment center that, far from integrating the TV within the room, stuck out like the proverbial sore thumb mozilla thunderbird for free.

Luckily, with the gaining popularity of flat screen LCD and plasma screens, designers today have a variety of options when choosing where and how to place a television komoot tour auf gps gerät herunterladen. Whether you’d prefer to ignore your television until necessary or you’d like to make it a focal point in the room, you no longer have to suffer with behemoth furniture pieces or unruly cords and wires. 

Barely There
If your choice is to hide the TV from sight, there are many ways to do so herunterladen. A flat wall mount is ideal in small spaces; removing the TV from the floor and placing it, like a work of art, neatly on a wall. Most have tilt options and those with an articulating arm allow for both tilt and swivel herunterladen. As flush mounted plasmas get thinner and thinner, your television will soon garner little attention.

Auton has developed some innovative products to literally hide televisions from view gta san andreas pc german full version for free. By incorporating a lift mechanism into furniture, countertops, or half wall, they cleverly conceal your unsightly television when unwanted. Swivel bases allow you to rotate the TV to the most comfortable viewing angle kostenlos word testversion downloaden. Their In-vis-o-trak is ideal for use with a flat screen television. At a 6” depth, the track system mounts flush to the wall and your favorite print slides away either vertically or horizontally to reveal the TV screen behind Download ms works for free.

For those rooms with a bit more space, Wissman’s Projecta 185 is a revolutionary way to turn art into viewing pleasure and back again. With a minimal, clean style the screen features a picture of your choice when mounted against the wall powerpoint free of charge without download. When you’re ready for the movie to start simply pull the screen towards the projection beamer and a smooth white surface appears. Projecta 185 has the ability to swivel in any direction, enhancing your viewing experience Download audio 180 for free.

Front and Center
While designers are thrilled with the fact that they no longer have to contend with bulky entertainment centers exhausting spare space within a room, there comes a time when the TV is meant to be a main design element. Perhaps it is turned on so often that to hide it would be unnecessary; perhaps you’re thinking if you spent that much money on an appliance, it may as well become a part of the family. In any case, there are as many options to flaunt your television as there are to hide it.

Wissman’s creative product line also includes the Move 115, a LCD/multimedia stand that is the epitome of adaptability and concealment. Four hidden rollers allow you to easily position the stand wherever you wish. The stand comes available in different heights and the screen is height adjustable, giving you the flexibility to arrange the TV at the most comfortable position. Hidden compartments for cables and sockets make this a stylish addition to any room.

Swiveling LCD TV stands are available from a variety of manufacturers. Most allow for either artwork or literature to be displayed on the opposite side and feature 360° swivel option. With a variety of sizes, color finishes and heights to choose from, a swiveling TV stand is the perfect addition to a large space with multiple functions.

For a simple and elegant television display, a pedestal or pole mount takes up a minimal amount of floor space and presents your television without any fuss. Many offer a tilt and swivel option and come in several finishes to match your décor. Installed close enough to a wall, cables and wires may be hidden from view. Pair it with a set of floating shelves for components and you’ll have one classy alternative to an entertainment center.

With the versatility provided by the many options available, designers and homeowners can delight in no longer being a slave to their bulky television sets. That is, at least within the design sense.