With production plans already aiming for a 2011 release, Land Rover’s slick new LRX concept promises a youthful, eco-friendly future. As Gerry McGovern’s debut effort since becoming design director of Land Rover, the LRX cuts through the crowded crossover market in every thinkable way. Last seen at this year’s Geneva Auto Show, the bold exterior reeled in crowds with its aggressive fascia, muscular shoulder lines and 20-inch wheels all sitting at only five feet tall. 

Inside and out, space is maximized in a way that feels much larger. The seats, for example, sit on their own plinth with an open framework, both reinforcing the roomy impression and providing extra storage space underneath. The clear polycarbonate roof above grants an expansive view of the sky.

The 3-door concept offers a uniquely efficient tailgate-party transformation. Opening the split, power-operated tailgate reveals features like direction-adjustable speakers, an iPod docking station, a cooler box with bottle chiller, integrated cupholders and more. The electronic instrument cluster utilizes multiple panes of glass to present three-dimensional data in prioritized layers. The most pertinent information, customized for each driver, is accessible on a second touch screen. Interior background lighting changes according to the driving mode – green in economy, red in sports and blue in standard mode.

With the environment strongly in mind, Land Rover emphasized sustainable resources for the construction, starting with extensive use of aluminum. The surprisingly soft ultrasuede upholstery is made of recycled plastic bottles and the leather is vegetable-tanned. Under the hood is an intelligent AWD 2.0-liter turbo diesel electric hybrid, with fuel economy approaching 50mpg.