Keep your hands on the handles and only clean shots count. These are the rules for serious foosball players.

Before X-Box, Nintendo, Atari or even Space Invaders, the game of choice at the neighborhood arcade was foosball. While there have been virtually no design changes in the basic foosball table since the 1970s, the game has endured. In 2007, GRO design and TIM model makers felt it was time for an update and teamed up to redesign the foosball table for this year’s Milan Design Week.

Inspired by the new football stadiums under construction in Europe with architectural and sculptural beauty, the designers set out to design a table that was equally spectacular for the interior space.

The players are made of machined brass finished in polished chrome and the bars are supported with high-performance bearing mechanisms. The foosball table incorporates a number of lighting effects to enhance the experience of playing the game – showing the winning goal or restarting the game.

There is only one 11-the beautiful game table in existence right now, but on pure design, it could single-handedly spark a foosball resurgence when it becomes available to the consumer.

For the sake of your dignity, no spinning!