Friday, October 13, 2017
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Varenna Arthena Kitchen by Poliform

It’s Thanksgiving in the U.S. and most people are either crowded around the TV watching football or in the kitchen, slaving all day to...

Hublot Classic Fusion Berluti Scritto Watch

Hublot gives a lot of lip service to their ‘Fusion Concept’ and they’ve been putting their money where their mouth is for years. From the...

FEND Foldable Bike Helmet

If you live in a city, chances are there is some sort of bicycle rideshare happening or in the planning stages. It’s a great...

BMW Motorrad Vision NEXT 100 is the Future of the Motorcycle

Instead of looking back at the last 100-years BMW is looking forward. To celebrate its centennial, BMW has been hosting events around the world to...

Automatic Vintage Lens Watch

Coming soon to a hipster near you. The Automatic Vintage Lens watch by TACS (stands for Taste, Attractiveness, Creativity and Style–we just can’t make this...

Evoluzione Electric Bicycle Designed by Pininfarina

Ferrari elegance now comes on two wheels. Designed by Pininfarina with Diavelo a member of the Accell Group, Evoluzione debuts alongside a years-long increase in...

SkyTran by Unimodal

Mass transportation doesn't have to mean masses of people stuffed in large vehicles. SkyTran, a cross between a monorail, Minority Report and a hanging...

Zaha Hadid and Artemide

Everyone seems to be slowing down a little bit, especially in the design sector. Everyone except Zaha Hadid, that is. Even before the architectural slow-down,...

Tesla Unveils the Model S

Anyone who has been a reader for kontaktmag for a while knows that we are big fans of the Tesla Motors company and the...

Not All Who Condiment Are Lost

Ok, maybe it's the zen symbolism of this one but it was too hard to pass up. This must have comes to us via...

Tea Bag Lights Up your Night, Literally

Surely you caffeine addicts will agree, tea truly is the sexually oriented drink - It picks you up! It illuminates your world, if I...

Toaster Re-reimagined

We launched our Reimagined department with toasters. Here are some more imaginative toasters compiled by Yanko Design. Some of them are ones we've already...

Green Shadow Bicycle

Unlike the STRiDA which was designed for portable urban transportation, the Green Shadow is built for speed. Designed by Spanish graphic and industrial design...

Jazzed-up Washing Machine

Some of us would do anything to shy away from a chore, be it cleaning up or doing the laundry. However our friend Murat...

One fine bottle

A water bottle is a water bottle is a water bottle, right? Nope. Kor One's design, driven by RKS Design's proprietary Psycho Aesthetics® process, has...

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